Healing is going to be different for everyone. Everyone has different skin types, and lifestyle factors that play into healing. BUT in GENERAL, this is what to expect during your initial healing process.

DAY ONE: You are going to love your brows, and you’re going to take SOOO many selfies
DAY TWO AND THREE: You may notice that the color looks different. For some, they may appear darker, or “auburn” (especially for very fair clients)…. yet, for some, this change isn’t noticeable. Luck of the draw.
DAY FOUR-SIX: You may notice a hardening, or small “paper cut” like microscabbing. Don’t you dare pick at those bad boys!
DAY SEVEN THROUGH TEN: During this time, you make notice some slight flaking. Or you may not…Again, luck of the draw.
DAY ELEVEN- THIRTEEN: At this time, you may notice that your strokes have all but “disappeared”. Rest assured that they ARE still there. We’re just waiting for cellular turnover to do it’s thing, and push those new cells the the top layers of the epidermis.
DAY FOURTEEN AND ONWARDS: OH MYLANTA! Strokes are reappearing, and your brows are feathered and soft, and totally natural looking!

So, I can lay down THE MOST BEAUTIFUL strokes at your appointment. But if you do not follow aftercare instructions, you are only jeopardizing your INVESTMENT.  Don’t cheat yourself. Follow your aftercare!


  • Swimming, Saunas, Steamrooms, Submerging in water
  • Excessive sun exposure, tanning beds
  • Vigorous exercise resulting in profuse sweating
  • Foundations, brow pencils, creams, serums in the brow area