Microblading gives you the most natural, and soft eyebrow appearance possible.

 Comprised of hairstrokes that emulate your brow hair. No brow hair- no problem. Regardless of you having existing hair or not, a brow mapping is always done. Brow mapping uses 3 criteria (bone structure, face shape, and preferences) to create the perfect composite shape. You will approve this shape, along with color- which is customized to match the color of your choosing. Microblading is done with a hand tool, no scary loud machines! Clients are numbed, and comfortable during the procedure. Of course, all tools are disposable, sterile, and one time use. Procedure can take 90mins- 2 hours to complete.

Microblading is perfect for the makeup minimalist. Great for someone who wants the freedom to wake-up feeling “put together”, without make-up. Very natural.