Blade & Shade

Blade and Shade is similar to microblading, but more “refined”.

By far Highbrow’s most popular brow service, Blade and Shade is similar to microblading, but more “refined”. As the name implies, this procedure uses shading to create more density within the brow. This procedure is perfect for clients with oiler skin, or with little to no brows.  Regardless of you having existing hair or not, a brow mapping is always done. Brow mapping uses 3 criteria (bone structure, face shape, and preferences) to create the perfect composite shape. You will approve this shape, along with color- which is customized to match the color of your choosing. Blade and Shade is done with a hand tool, no scary loud machines! Clients are numbed, and comfortable during the procedure. Of course, all tools are disposable, sterile, and one time use. Procedure can take 2-2.5 hours to complete.

Imagine if you were born with a nice full brow, and you lightly filled in the tail area- that is the intended look of Blade and Shade.