About me

Hi there, I’m Nicole, and I personally want to thank you for your interest in Highbrow Artistry. I understand what a big decision it is deciding on a permanent makeup artist. Not only do you need to like the person’s work, but you also need to trust that is person has your best interest at heart. I invite you to learn more about me, in hopes that it makes your decision a little bit easier.

I started my career in Cosmetic Tattooing a little over five years ago. Prior to that, I was working as an esthetician and massage therapist. I’ve always been drawn to the world of wellness, and helping people feel and look their best.

When I’m not in my studio, I’m at home spending time with my family. I have a little boy named Isaiah, he’ll be 9 months in November! He has four teeth, loves jumping in his bouncer, and really enjoys Blue’s Clues when momma needs to get things done. He’s my first, and every moment is cherished.

I think many first time moms can relate when I say that I’m learning to find “balance” in this new role. I’m learning slowly how to better manage my time, and TRYING to designate some “mommy time” for self care.

Outside of my role as mommy/business owner, some things I enjoy doing in my free time are: embroidery, drawing on my iPad, cooking, and mindlessly scrolling through tiktok.

Below are some of my favorite photos! Feel free to ask me about them at your appointment