I’m Nicole and I’m the owner and sole brow stylist at Highbrow Artistry. I’m a licensed esthetician with a  knack for brow shaping, waxing and threading. Many of my clients  had sparse brows, and even after filling in their brows post shaping— the chief complaint “Well, I can’t replicate the shape you’ve just drawn”

I wanted to find a way to provide those clients with the fullness they desired, in a more permanent sense. That’s why I decided to offer microblading to my services provided.

In addition to being an esthetician, I’m also a freelance makeup artist, and a Licensed Massage Therapist ( but for now, my main focus is Highbrow Artistry) I’ve always loved helping others feel their best. In the future, I hope to open a full service spa.

What do I like to do when I’m not microblading? I enjoy spending time with my Shih-tzu, Bailey; going to the gym; painting with watercolors, macrame, traveling and playing my old school Super Nintendo

LIFE UPDATE: I figured it was time I updated the about me section of my website…. I’m a new mommy! On February 5th, 2020 I gave birth to my son, Isaiah. This has been the most profound life change I’ve ever experienced.

I’m still figuring out balance of work, hobbies, and home life. I’m learning who I am all over again. So much of my identity was my work, my career, my business. Now, I have this little person that relies on me. Trying not to lose my “self” all the while recreating what “the self” entails, Motherhood is the most difficult, yet the most rewarding journey.